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What is Medical Micro-Needling?​  
For skin micro-needling, we use an electric skin needling device made especially for this purpose. The device is pen shaped studded with 12 very fine needles. It is a medical device used in micro needling to break down old scar tissue and to stimulate skin cells to proliferate. This cell multiplication results in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers as well as in new capillaries for an improved blood supply.
What conditions can be treated or improved with Medical Micro-Needling?
  • Mild to moderate acne scarring; any new or old scars
  • Fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Loose, lax skin;
  • Skin texture and pore size
  • Stretch marks
What are the benefits of Medical Micro-Needling?
  • Dramatically increases the effectiveness and penetration of active ingredients in topical preparation
  • Stimulates circulation and collagen production
  • Medical grade titanium needles make it non-allergenic to human tissue
  • Cost effective compared to other resurfacing procedures
  • Can be performed on all skin types, including ethnic skin
  • It can be used on all areas of the scalp, face, body including fragile skin like around eyes, mouth and neck
What effects does the Medical Micro-Needling have on the skin?
  • Improves skin texture and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • Stimulates tissue regeneration
  • Disfiguring scars, especially acne scars can be improved as new collagen fibres elevate the depressed scar tissue with the periphery skin
  • Pore size reduction
  • Improves the appearance of stretch marks
Is Medical Micro-Needling painful?
Prior to the treatment, numbing cream can be applied to minimize pain that is felt during the procedure.
Can Micro-Needling be performed on any skin colour?
Medical Micro-needling is safe to use on all skin types and all skin colours. There is no risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
How many treatments do I need and how often can Medical Micro Micro-Needling procedures be repeated?
Micro-needling can safely be repeated every 4-6 weeks until you achieve the desired results. For collagen induction, we recommend starting with 3 treatments, but with a minimum separation time of 4 to 6 weeks between treatments. For scar reduction, an average of 3 to 6 treatments are recommended. The number of treatments required will depend on how each individual responds to the treatments and the extent of the damage at the beginning.  Micro-needling can be used on all skin parts of the body (neck, décolleté, arms, legs, etc). Most people will begin to see results after the very first appointment.
Am I a candidate for the Medical Micro- Needling?
Medical micro-needling can be safely performed on all skin types and all skin colours, as the epidermis and in particular, melanocytes in the basal area are left intact. There is minimal risk of pigment change or post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Skin micro-needling can treat sensitive and fragile areas that are difficult to treat with other procedures. These areas include the eyes, the neck and the back of the hands.
However, it is not suitable for patients who:
  • Have used Accutane (isotretinoin) within the last three months
  • Have open wounds, cuts or abrasions on the skin
  • Have had radiation treatment to the skin within the last year
  • Have any kind of current skin infection, condition, herpes simplex in the area to be treated
  • Are pregnant or breast feeding
  • Have any history of keloid or hypertrophic scars or poor wound healing

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Micro Needling with Hydraulic Acid with Skeyndor
Suitable for:
Extremely dry skin
  Mature skin
  Fine lines around eyes and lips
To provide overall supple smooth & youthful skin
Any skin colour and age
Micro Needling with pure Vitamin C Infusion with Skeyndor
Suitable for:
Sun damaged skin
Acne or any scar
Whitening effect

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